I dive, I bathe, I connect, and get inspired. I express myself, immersed. My primary instinct brings me to water. Where it carresses me, Comes into my being, filling me up, Then spills through my hands To go and search again.

This is the instinct of nature that nourishes And feeds the creative expression. This creative expression that inspires Intimacy with nature;

I find no better source than water.

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She was born in Florence (Italy). She grew up in a village in Tuscany where she had the opportunity to learn, from a very young age, the basics of working with textile in her home under the experienced guidance of her mother, grandmothers and also in the family’s textile business.

When she was 20 she began her own professional life by designing and creating accessories . Later in 2001 she studied at the S. Colombano School of Florence where she attended a specialized courses in product design as well as project planning focusing in contemporary bag creation.

In 2004 she visited Formentera for the first time and became enchanted. She moved the following year to Spain where, along with two other designers, opened in Barcelona a design studio known as Tr3s Hilos. In 2010 she studied Textile Art at the “Escola Massana” of Barcelona. She is now living and working between Formentera and Barcelona.

“Simona Colzi & Jordi Torrent” Centre Gabrielet, Formentera
“El secret del paradís” collective, Centre Gabrielet, Formentera

"“Unveiled” collective, ArtBasel Premier, Merc Studio, Miami USA.
"Agua de Formentera" individual, Centre Antoni Tur Gabrielet, Formentera.
“Futur Excel-lent” collective, Artesania de Catalunya, Barcelona.













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